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With an international clientèle comprising some of the world’s most famous and well-established families and individuals, Abstruse Capital is a global investment firm, anchored in the highest principles of confidentiality and privacy.

The firm enjoys a reputation for astute and extra-ordinarily discrete investment advice, tailored to the distinctive needs of ultra high-net-worth individuals for whom confidentiality and performance are key to further establishing and growing their wealth.

For many years, our firm of investment advisors have designed bespoke investment portfolios that not only perform at the highest levels of return, but are also managed with the utmost care and confidentiality.


Our uncompromising

approach to client

privacy is our most

valuable asset.

For expert financial advice you can trust Abstruse Capital

Our Expertise

Designing Bespoke Investment Portfolios.

Abstruse Capital specialises in only three high-performing market and financial sectors.

By retaining this narrow focus, our expertise in these fields are preeminent, and our clients consequently enjoy extraordinary investment results.
Our chosen fields of specialty are:

The Foreign Exchange Market

The insight and anticipation required to profit from the fluctuations in foreign currency is a key specialty of our team of graduate currency traders.

High-Frequency Trading Platforms

Using high-performance technologies and superior algorythms our dedicated team of stock analysts deliver exceptional results in the high-speed, bulk trading sector.

Block Chain Based Technology Investments

Block-chain technologies are poised to revolutionise real-time and secure data sharing. As such, ground-level investment in these technologies will yield exceptional long-term profits.

Our Team

With trust comes freedom.

The atmosphere of rigorous privacy created by Abstruse Capital offers even the most secretive client the freedom to share with us the details of their lives and investment goals. We consider your trust our most prized possession, and our staff recognise that earning and ensuring that trust is our firm’s only objective.

First Rate

Be assured that only the most highly trained and vetted professionals will manage your account.


With a client-base made up of high-profile families and individuals our directors, advisors and support staff are held to incomparable levels of confidentiality.


Our teams of portfolio managers operate at a gold standard of discretion; your information and privacy is of paramount importance to us.


Hand-selected from some of the best graduate schools in the world, our portfolio managers address the specific investment goals of their clients with a tailored, discrete and personal approach.


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